The Struggle is Real

Have you been taking photos that aren’t hitting the mark, don’t make you hungry, and you’re not sure what to do to improve?

  • Learn key composition tools to help your food stand out and tell a story

  • Develop a core set of props, linens, and surfaces that won’t outshine your food

  • Get tips for making great images and developing a set of best practices

  • Watch actual post-production techniques proven to infused life and brightness into your work

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Watch as I demonstrate one of the best tools on my set that every still life photographer should have. You'll also get an equipment list complete to get you set up in your own studio.

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Bonus materials

Each course contains little extras that will help you jumpstart your food photography skills and get your own studio set up.

  • Downloadable PDF Guides

    Keep helpful resources with you even after you finish the lectures.

  • Studio Demonstrations

    We'll show you how to put these tools and concepts to use.

  • Shopping tips and guides

    Shop where the pros shop and pick up the best tools and props along the way.

Client testimonials

National food industry marketing executive

Brings my vision into perfect focus

National food industry marketing executive

Suzanne has a way of bringing my vision into perfect focus and executing something that is significantly more beautiful than I was expecting at the beginning of the project.
Nutrition and wellness blogger

The photography is so inviting

Nutrition and wellness blogger

Suzanne creates, styles, and photographs most of the dishes for my blog and the photography is so inviting, you can almost smell and taste the food.
Moink President & Founder

You ask and she delivers

Moink President & Founder

I have commissioned Suzanne for many different food photography projects over the past 8 years, and not only is her work amazing, but she is also a delight to work with. Her skill with a lens is a bar none!
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate VP

Working with Suzanne is an absolute dream!

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate VP

Her photos are the best in industry and her creativity is best-in-class. We have worked on all types of projects – from catalog shots, packaging photography, product shots and to more abstract photos that represent the flavors of the products we are making. Suzanne also has an amazing eye for product styling and editing. Our product sales have soared because of the amazing photos – we could not do it without her!

Now is the time

Commit to creating your best work yet and making images you can truly be proud of.

  • Gain Skills & Confidence

    I'll show you the same tools and techniques the professionals use so you can build your skillset and gain confidence.

  • Learn Proven Tips & Tricks

    We'll cover how to enhance your compositions through the use of garnishes, linens, and other details.

  • Create Layouts You Love

    You'll leave the course with the tools you need to start creating culinary layouts you'll love as you learn.

A little about me

  • Suzanne Clements


    Suzanne Clements

    As an award winning food photographer and stylist, my experience spans over eleven years. I've been concentrating on food styling and photography for over seven. My expertise and skills have been applied to cook books, catalogs, packaging, and digital content published worldwide. Always eager to build my own skills, I understand the importance of continually learning about new techniques, styles, and equipment. I'll help you quickly pick up the essentials to making great images while you build your own portfolio and develop your creative aesthetic.


  • Can I learn at my own pace?

    Absolutely! There are no deadlines, you view the videos, download the bonus materials, and explore the content at your own pace. All the course materials are available to you right at the time of purchase.

  • Do you offer closed captioning?

    Yes! Absolutely! If you're learning in an environment where you cannot hear the audio or cannot use your speakers or headphones, you can read along by turning on closed captions at any time.

  • Do you offer any money back guarantee?

    You betcha! I don't want you to be unhappy with your learning experience. You've got 7 days, if you're not pleased send me a message at and we'll make it right.

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