Learn From My Experience

Stop making costly mistakes - create with skill and confidence

I’ve been working as a professional photographer for over 12 years and yes, I made my share of misteps and mistakes along the way. Today I’m a celebrated award winning food photographer and stylist, but it took me years to get here.

Let me get to the point…

Food photography can be overwhelming. There’s so much to address in order to create a successful image.

From the props, surfaces, and design of your shot (composition) - not to mention the quality of your light, your post processing, and of course how your food itself looks (the styling).

I’m here to simply things. I want it all to fall into place for you, the same way it does for me.

I’ve assembled my best concepts, tips, tools, and cheat sheets into curated course collections that will give you my 13 years of experience in a fraction of the time

So what do I do when I’m not in the kitchen or the studio? You’ll find me happily collecting my share of sand and dirt out on the mountain bike trails in Central Florida. Or speaking on the conference cycle. :)